A downloadable game for Windows

Get ready for the ultimate intergalactic air combat experience!

Go up against an onslaught of red ships, travel through wormholes to change up the graphics. There's a lot of fun to be had in this little addictive space shooter!

Share the keyboard with a friend for a fun co-op jam!



Install instructions

1 : Unzip the game to your Desktop

2 : Double click the SpaceGame_Installer and install the game

3 : Click 'I agree' user License Agreement

4 : Click on the box that says 'Desktop Shortcut' to find the game's executable on your desktop, then click 'Next'

5 : Select the destination you wish to install the game, then click 'Install'

6 : Once the installation is complete, click 'Next', 

[from here, you can check or uncheck the box to run the game straight away.]

7 : [Read the 'INSTRUCTIONS_Readme!' file for in-game instructions] 

8 : Click finish, go to your desktop, where you created the shortcut or the destination you installed the game and double click the game's executable to run the game.

Any questions, please ask! :)

Development log


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Finally made it passed 100. Turns out it was easier to make it there on difficulty 1. Played mostly on difficulty 2 cause I figured I wanted the game to have a quick start so I could make it to 100 faster. Guess it ended up back firing on me. Difficulty 1 might be the way

Haha! Nice one! Awesome work man! 140 is a great score! 😁 Lol! I like the guy's name in 7th place LOL!

Got to 189 when I was a guest on my friend's livestream 😁