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When creating the game trailer, I didn't have anyone to play two players with (sad I know :P), so I constructed a bot that acts as a second player and uses Player 2's sprite. I originally uploaded the game with this in place of Player 2. So this has since been patched.

I also changed the second evolution sprite for Player 2, as it looked too much like Player 1's sprite. It is  now more of a lime green color.

Eyescream Man is behind the musical talent of this game, and there are now currently a total of two tracks in the game, as I added the one from the trailer. Eyescream Man also might be working on other tracks witch will be put into the game in future updates. I turned the shooting sound effects down slightly as they kinda got in the way of the music.

That's about all! I hope to make more changes in future, such as custom controls and maybe a high score table or even a mode that allows the Player 2 bot to help you if you don't have a second player,  but we'll see!


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Aug 18, 2020

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