Yet another Space Game Update (0.3)

So the difficulty is a little bit more intense, but not to the point of it being too frustrating (hopefully!).
I've added another difficulty mode, also. This mode can be selected in the 'Options Menu', and Difficulty : 2

Difficulty Mode 2 :

Unlike Mode 2, there is more ships. This is NOT an ideal mode for beginners. Mode 1 isn't exactly a walk in the park either, but get good quick, kid!

Fixed the wormwhole not disappearing bug. They still come back, but they don't just sit there for the rest of the whole game anymore.

Gamepad Support! Finally, I put in gamepad support. It works with the Xbox 360 controller flawlessly. I DID have it set up for a USB NES controller as well, but due to alot of things being changed around, I've only got the Xbox 360 controller support. It may still work, but probably not correctly. Player 1 can now use the Xbox 360 controller, freeing up the keyboard for Player 2. [NOTE: Player 2's keys will change to Player 1's keys, if there is a gamepad plugged in. There is a readme packaged in with the executable, but I'll tell you here anyway.

Extra Lives: Every 25 points will give you an extra life now. Before it had a cap for when you get to a score of 150, but now they are endless. I know it may sound like I've made things too easy, but you really do need some sort of assistance when your score is at its highest.

When the game's total score is increased by 50 points, the spawn time for the enemies gets shorter by 20 milliseconds. However, this has a cap. When the player(s) reach a total score of 150 or higher, the enemy spawners will stay at their newly set time. This will cause an increase of enemies on screen, and will hopefully make things more challenging in a fair way. Before, I just felt that later on in the game, the difficulty didn't really increase...So here's hoping this fixes that.

New Application Icon and no more splash screen when booting up the game (this makes loading the game alot faster, so you can get right in and just play!)

That's about all! I hope you enjoy the latest version of Space Game!


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Aug 19, 2020

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