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This is the prologue to a game I was making back in the day called Super Cyborg Space Commando.
The stroy was heavily inspired by Robocop, but had some original elements.

In this prologue you play the role of a police officer that has recently put away a most wanted kingpin. 
After finally heading home, you see on the news that the gang members working under the man you just arrested are
out for revenge. They're holding up the town's police station demanding you come forward or and set the 
kingpin free.

Inevitably, you are killed (but the game does give you a choice on how you hande the situation when you finally arrive.
After being shot to death, the main character is bought back to life as a cyborg. He has a jetpack and a beefy gun 
(however I don't think this part is playably in this version of the game).

I might upload a later version of it which features more of the cyborg gameplay.

I really hope you enjoy this version of Super Cyborg Space Commando, the game that never was.

kind regards,



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