A downloadable game for Android

Watch the pattern and then use the arrow keys to copy it. 

Are you smarter than Simple Simon?


Simple_Simon_Android.apk 16 MB

Install instructions

1) - First go into your phone settings. Scroll down to "Security" and click on it.

Click on Unknown Sources, enabling your phone to allow the installation of unofficial/unknown apps.
(Don't worry, it's perfectly safe and you can disable this again after the installation is complete if you want)

2) - Click on the link and scroll down to the big pink download button:

3) - After your download is complete, open your downloads folder on your phone through the File Explorer app. You can also find it in your download history.

4) - Click on the App to install it, & exit out to your main screen. Simple Simon should now be on your phone's main screen/desktop. 
Click on it to instantly play 😊

This game is alot of fun, & is great to test your memory.

So go ahead! Take Simple Simon on the go with you and share the game with your friends and family.


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Shoutout to my mate, Ben for getting the highest score to date, on Simple Simon for Android! He finished with a grand score of 23! 
What an amazing memory he has! I can only get a score of 18, myself! XD

Can you beat Ben's score?
Why not try Simple Simon for yourself? Also available for Windows.