A downloadable game

Instructions are included in the game's file, but just a basic rundown...
Arrow Keys (to move, UP arrow key is to climb chains/ropes)
"Z" Key = Jump 
"X" Key = Shoot/Throw weapon

Published in 2004, Quest for K9 was a game I made after my dog sadly passed away from cancer. By this time, my skills with Gamemaker had really improved and I made something that actually felt like a game. This was also uploaded to the Yoyogames website, but was sadly taken down after they updated their page. It ended up with over 700 downloads in its day, after another site by the name of Softpedia found it on Yoyogames. They sent me an email asking to put Q4K9 on their website and said
"We really like the quality of your product, and look forward to any future projects of yours". Unfortunately that webpage expired too after a while. SO I bring it to you HERE at itch.io. I also took this to my niece's primary school to talk about making games. Almost every student got a copy.

That's just a bit about the back story of this project.
I just want to entertain people and for them to play my games
I really hope you enjoy this game. 


Q4K9.rar 3 MB

Install instructions

- Unzip RAR file

- Save contents to you computer

-Open Q4K9 file

-Double click the "Q4K9.exe" to run the game

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