A downloadable game for Windows

- Play by yourself with a Mouse and Keyboard or Controller


-Play with up to FOUR Players! (A controller is required for each Player)

Xbox One or Xbox 360 Controllers Required For Multiplayer
- PS4 Controllers work with DS4 Tool
Download DS4 from here:

Play with up to FOUR PLAYERS LOCALLY in this twin-stick zombie shooter!
I have been ironing out the game as I go tackling bugs and errors. But if you happen to find any of these "hidden treasures" please do not hesitate to send me a screenshot and post it in the comments :) Thank you and I hope you enjoy the game!

Made withGameMaker
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsXbox controller
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4


Crowd Control (v1.2).rar 72 MB

Install instructions

- Download the WinRAR file from this download page (WinRAR required)
- Unzip and Extract its contents onto your desktop (or where ever you want to keep it)
- Double Click the executable file to run the game

Development log


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Okay, Version 1.1 was a buggy mess, so I hope no one downloaded it in the state it was in. Here we are at Version 1.2. In this version, the entire A.I. for the zombies have been revamped. Most bugs have been fixed except the odd one, but they don't seem to be game breaking...These are something I'll have to try and iron out later.

- Awesome music was added,  made by 'TheEyeScream Man'
(Checkout his SoundCloud here...
- Zombie spawner doesn't glitch out anymore, and not spawn zombies in later waves
- I added difficulty modes in the options menu, but currently adjusting these have no affect.
- The rocket now has a sprite to represent it, instead of just being a yellow square.

- I changed various weapon's droprates
- I added a voice over for picking up weapons when you're low on that weapon's ammo
...And that's about it...I've been working extremely hard on this game lately and will continue to work on it. However, I think it's time I took a little bit of a break before the next update. I'm a bit burnt out. There are much more things I want to add, but this may take some time to learn how to do.
The game is in a mostly playable state, so please enjoy this version :).
Happy New Year, and all the best for 2020!

Just to let anyone who likes to play this know, YES I am still working on this game when I can. Sorry there hasn't been an update in a while. There will be an updated version available very soon hopefully. I want to put more multiplayer modes in, but perhaps I should do that in a future update. I've just been mainly playing around with what I have made so far, trying to smooth things out. 
But please keep a look out for the updates :)

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Version 1.0
My humble apologies! It turns out that Version 0.9 had a massive game crashing bug that was overlooked. Just as well hardly anyone downloads my games HAHA. Well it's all been fixed now...I hope.

Bugs/Error Fixes
- Game crashed at the menu screen after starting a three player game, looking for an unidentified variable.
- Game would sometimes crash when 'R' is pressed to reset the game...This was due to broken brick wall pieces searching for a variable that wasn't identified.

Anyway, I hope if you're reading this, you give Crowd Control a go. You can play single player by yourself with a CONTROLLER or a MOUSE and KEYBOARD, but you will need more than one controller to play multiplayer. This game can be played with up to FOUR players (Controllers Required).

Version 0.9

Quite a big update here, and it's good news for PC gamers without a gamepad or a controller for their computer. You can now get a taste of Crowd Control by using the mouse and keyboard. However this is only available for a Single Player experience. 

It is highly recommended you use a controller. To play with TWO-FOUR players locally, you will need at least TWO-FOUR controllers.

The main menu has been updated also, giving it a fresh new look. You can now select various menu buttons with the mouse, or with W, S, A and D.

Crowd Control can be played with up to FOUR players.
Please let me know if you find any game crashing bugs, and if you could upload a screenshot of the error on here, you'd be a legend!

Cheers, and I hope you enjoy this fresh version of Crowd Control.

Version 0.8
Wow...it has been a while, but Version 0.8 is here.

-The controls have changed quite dramatically, as you now no longer shoot in only 8 directions. Now you can aim in 360 degree angles. The right stick only aims now, but you pull in the RIGHT TRIGGER to shoot.

-The zombies have also had quite the makeover, and I'm not just talking about their appearance. They now run a bit slower and move alot smoother. The speed reduction hasn't made things easier by any means, they are very much still a threat in big numbers and they love breaking down walls.

-The turrets also have been beefed up, I noticed they weren't always shooting when a zombie was in front of them. Now they shoot faster and react alot quicker.

I think I've covered all my bases. The game is still up to FOUR PLAYERS locally, if you have 4 twin-stick controllers or  gamepads for your PC.

As always, thank you so much for checking this game out. If you find any errors PLEASE screenshot them and post them here.

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Version 0.7 I've added a battle mode, but It's nowhere near finished yet. There will be a new menu for Battle Mode added eventually. Options will hopefully feature a battle mode timer adjuster & various different battle modes. I've also added a particle system for  explosions, but this may change to an actual sprite later as I'm not too happy with how it looks. As always, you can play up to FOUR PLAYERS and I hope there is no errors that pop up.

Okay, Version 0.5 has eliminated Version 0.4's massive game breaking error that I overlooked, plus some bugs with players 3 and 4. I'm hoping I've covered all massive errors now, so all you have to worry about is slaughtering zombies with up to four players :)

Version 0.4 is here. I fixed a few minor bugs and added menu screens to easily navigate through. I also have given players one and two lines of dialog they say while they fight for their lives against the hordes of undead. If these get annoying, you can turn them off in the options menu. There is also slightly better blood splatter visuals.

I also have added sound to the blood splats and the zombies to make groaning noises. No gun sound effects or music yet. I'm probably going to have to search hard for a musician in the next few months. Still haven't played it yet? What are you waiting for!? :)

Version  0.2 has now changed to Version 0.3 as I seemed to have missed a couple of little things :/ I also wanted to change the 2nd map, as it wasn't very fun before.
Now I think four players would be a blast on this level.
Sound is still to come. If you know anyone that would like to contribute their musical talents for some kick'n background tunes, please let me know :). 

This is purely a passion project, I don't want money. All I ask is that you give this game a try, and that you have some fun!
Hope you enjoy. 

Version  0.2 is now up and ready! :) This version fixes the turrets from trying to shoot zombies that are behind walls (wasting your precious turret ammo)
It also has fixed various bugs and errors.